Believers are unaware of the great impact that their personal testimonies can have in other people. Your testimony is a powerful weapon against the enemy, and if you learn to use it wisely, you will win many souls for Christ.

What is a testimony?

A testimony is the declaration of a personal experience of what Jesus has done in your life. Faith and hope are stimulated and stirred in every person who hears your personal testimony; it produces conviction and boldness to say, “If God is willing, able and ready to do that for them, then, He is willing, able and ready to do it for me too.”

Volunteers are people with testimonies. When you help us in any way, you testify of the love that Jesus has for us all. You also have the opportunity to share your personal experiences, that very well may be the key, that unlocks someone’s bondage. You make the difference!

 How To Become A Volunteer

  • For Jesus Loves Kalamazoo 2013 click the link below.
  • To volunteer at VSM download the PDF volunteer contact form below. Contact details are listed.
  • Fill out the volunteer application and return it to our office
  • Participate in a scheduled training for the ministry of interest
  • Get assigned to a team
  • Commit to serving on your assigned days
  • Be bold and use your God given gift every time you minister

For more information on how to get involved with particular side of town for street ministry contact one of our team leaders.

VSM Volunteer Form DOWNLOAD

To volunteer specifically with JESUS LOVES KZOO events, please visit us at our separate web site:

‘Become a volunteer, you make the difference!’