Since 1998, Vanguard Street Ministry has resisted the temptation to become a ministry that chases after money. Through the financial support of others we have managed to increase ministry efforts and maintain low overhead cost.

Due to the fact that we work hard to build bridges amongst area churches and ministries, it’s never our goal to solicit money but to partner with people, businesses, & organizations who believe in the mission & vision that we strive to accomplish every day.

Each week reminds us that our work is not in vain. Drug addicts find hope, single moms find strength, unity takes place in the city, hearts are won for Jesus and the list continues to grow as we push to win cities for Christ.

We are very thankful to the many people who have partnered with us physically and financially; we look forward to more partnerships. When you decide to support us financially we can guarantee that lives are being impacted weekly and your help makes our mission possible. Your support not only helps us achieve our goal of reaching the lost, but it also helps us train, equip, and teach others to do the same. We believe that God has given us a gift for a reaching the lost and for bringing unity to the body of Christ. This gift must be shared with people from all walks of life, small groups, churches, etc. Wherever there is a need, we look to be a blessing. So as we go into the world to do the work, so do our partners.

Your donations are tax deductible.

CLICK HERE to make a donation online to VSM.

You can also make contributions by mail.
Please make checks payable to:

Urban Alliance, Inc.
C/O Vanguard Street Ministry
1278 Grand Pre, Kalamazoo, MI 49006

Thank you for your donations to Vanguard Street Ministry!

Vanguard Street Ministry is a subsidiary of Urban Alliance Inc.  Urban Alliance is a non profit involved with street ministry, housing, employment and business mentoring.  Click here to find out more.