water bottle

As many of you know, we have two main seasons in Michigan street ministry: spring season and winter season. Winter season starts around October and lasts until the end of March or April (depending on the weather). Spring/Summer season goes from March or April until October.

Winter street ministry consists of handing out chili and hot chocolate at hot spots (places like liquor stores or convenience stores) and praying for the people we meet there. Spring season consists of going up and down the streets of the neighborhood and handing out bottled water to those we encounter, ministering to them as they allow us to. It is also during the spring street ministry season that we do our neighborhood cookouts.


Now, we’re not saying that our Michigan street ministry teams don’t like winter season. It’s just difficult, and sometimes painful, to minister in freezing temperatures. The chili tastes wonderful and the people are so appreciative. But the fact of the matter is, we all love it when spring street ministry season comes back around.

We do need your help. We need cases of bottled water, hot dogs, hamburgers, buns and charcoal. During the peak of our season, we can go through a dozen cases of water per week. This becomes a significant cost to us. If you or your church is interested in helping to provide any of the above, please contact us at 269-718-9519.

Thank you so much for your partnership!

With Love from the Streets

VSM Staff