Vanguard Street Ministries regularly looks to expand to cities where street ministry would thrive. A ministry site is simply a city where we sponsor street ministry activity. Currently VSM has ministry sites in Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, Miami, Freetown, Kenema, Bo and Detroit.


sisandbroLITTLE HAITI, MIAMI – Our ministry site in Miami is led by Bobby and Natalee Blakely. The effort in Miami began in 2011 and involves weekly Bible studies, a lawn care business, t-shirt screen print training, graphic design, hair and nail salon training and MetLife Stadium vending opportunities. Although a newer site of VSM the work in Little Haiti has produced much fruit in just a little time. For information about short term mission trip possibilities, financial support or volunteer opportunities please contact Bobby at 269-599-3756 or by email at You can also see more on their website




dariusvsmKALAMAZOO EAST SIDE – Kalamazoo street ministry is led by three different men. The east side outreach attempts are led by Darius White. Darius spent many years living on the east side of Kalamazoo and now is ministering to some of the same people that he used to hang with. Darius started doing ministry with VSM starting in 2008 and became the leader of the east side effort in 2011. He is the evangelist on staff at Vanguard Church and is a commissioned pastor in the Reformed Church of America. If you are interested in going out and ministering on the east side of Kalamazoo with Darius and his team contact him at 269-599-0532 or by email at




estovsmKALAMAZOO SOUTH SIDE – Vanguard Street Ministry’s south side efforts are led by Esteven Juarez. Esteven (or Esto as we call him) is the former leader of a gang on the south side and is the lead pastor at Vanguard Church also located on Kalamazoo’s south side. A graduate of Vanguard’s discipleship program, Esto is a commissioned pastor in the Reformed Church of America and has become a community leader in the effort to end gang violence and activity. South side street ministry usually takes place on Friday evenings. To learn more about opportunities on the south side contact Pastor Juarez at 269-352-7693 or by email at



papamikevsmKALAMAZOO NORTH SIDE – Although VSM actually started it’s work on the north side of Kalamazoo, our efforts there have been hit and miss. That is until the past year when Michael Stewart began leading a team into the streets there weekly. Since then Vanguard Street Ministry has been a regular presence there and Mike has even begun a church there in connection with the outreach efforts. Papa Mike, as everyone calls him, has been involved in evangelistic efforts for most of his Christian life and has a passion to see the lost meet Jesus. Anyone who is interested in joining Papa Mike and his team should contact him at 269-267-0869 or email at (Don’t get offended if you don’t get through right away. He doesn’t answer his phone or emails very well.)




tokyovsmBENTON HARBOR, MI – Our presence in Benton Harbor began in 2010 with scouting exercises in an effort to determine where best to do ministry there. We met Vernon “Tokyo” Guidry during that time and began an immediate partnership with him. Tokyo is a lifetime resident of Benton Harbor and, along with his work with Forefront Ministries, heads most of the efforts in Benton Harbor. This includes leading the Wednesday morning prayer meetings, the house church efforts, the lead team meetings, the morning coffee fellowships and the t-shirt screen-printing lab. All inquiries about possible partnerships in Benton Harbor can be directed to Tokyo at 269-338-2921 or



rodavsmFREETOWN, KENEMA, & BO – SIERRA LEONE – In 2009 some of our street ministry team members went to Freetown, Sierra Leone on a mission trip. During the trip we began ministering in the streets with Roda Joffa. Roda continued the outreach efforts after we left and has since expanded the team and increased the efforts to the cities of Kenema and Bo. Roda is a former street child and his team are mostly from the same background. VSM Sierra Leone includes evangelistic crusades, help with schools, soccer tournaments, Bible studies, discipleship and a barber shop.





n8vsmDETROIT – Scouting for the Detroit VSM site began in 2013. Although the options for doing ministry in Detroit are wide open the efforts are beginning in Brightmoor, Highland Park, and Rosedale Park. Leading our efforts in Detroit is Nate Bull. Nate began doing street ministry in Kalamazoo in 1999 and has also led efforts in Benton Harbor. An ordained minister in the Reformed Church of America, Nate also leads the jail ministry, juvenile home and gospel mission efforts for VSM. Anyone interested in joining any of these outreaches can contact Nate at 269-718-9519 or