“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” – 1 Corinthians 13:13

We have seen the truth in this scripture in some of the “hardest” cases. It’s one of the things the Church needs to meditate on and cry out to the Lord for revelation about. We saw it again last week in Benton Harbor.

Each week we serve a community lunch on Wednesdays. (We serve a large amount of drug dealers because of the area that the ministry house is located in.) Often, we serve salad. Two weeks ago we were putting out the salad and one of the main drug dealers in the neighborhood was patiently waiting. He made a casual comment something like, “It would be nice if we could have French dressing some time.”

That’s not too hard.

So last week we made sure there was some French dressing available with the salad. People began to come in and out for the lunch and the young drug dealer came in. I made a point to greet him and told him that we got French dressing for him. He stopped and said quietly to himself, “That means……..you were thinking about me.” It rattled me. Later, without even asking him to, he stayed to listen during Bible study. That rattled me.

When I was thinking about this situation I thought about the 1 Corinthians scripture and saw how true it is. Love is the greatest of these. It can break through some of the hardest barriers and the most carefully crafted defenses. It broke through the hard outer core of an inner city drug dealer.

What I saw was what an act of love can truly mean to someone who doesn’t have true love in his life. In his life the young man has cheating, backbiting, fighting, suspicion, and dangers of all kinds. When someone, without wanting anything in return, showed him an act of true love (as small as it was!!) he was shocked towards being truly human again.

Basically we French kissed him :)

Please consider getting close enough to the hurting, broken and those-the-others-call “sinners” to find ways to “kiss” them. It is the greatest weapon the Church has.

With Love

VSM Team