Last week I was pulling up to one of our ministry houses in the streets when I saw Curtis. He’s a staple there in the streets and he eagerly waved to me and excitedly motioned for me to roll down the window to my car. I got out and casually asked him what was going on. He asked me, “You forgot didn’t you?” I knew exactly what he was talking about. Actually I was prepared to see him. I had already purchased red velvet cupcakes, his favorite, to celebrate with him.

He was one year sober.

Curtis was actually one of the first men we met from that neighborhood when we began working there over three years ago. He has never stayed for a Bible study. Ever. But he stops to talk with us about what’s going on in his life and has privately shared his struggle with alcoholism. And on this day he made sure to be there when I pulled up to share his celebration. It was a holy moment. It was in the middle of the chaos and darkness of a neighborhood struggling in almost every way.

Isn’t this scripture? Isn’t this what God promises everywhere for His people? He promises that everything we do will prosper (Psalm 1:3) and that even in darkness light will dawn for us (Psalm 112:4). The Lord promises that He will answer every prayer as we remain in Him (John 15:7; 1 John 5:14-15) and that we will do the same works He did while He was in the earth (Mark  16:17-18).

Do you know what my problem has been? I haven’t believed the Bible. I have given lip service to it and proclaimed that I believe its message but in all reality my actions often show the opposite. Instead of looking for more Curtis-type testimonies when I show up to a ministry site, I expect someone to have been shot. Even though I’m constantly in prayer for the people we work with, I consistently expect tragedy instead of triumph. This is ungodly and nothing like we are commanded to expect based on the promises we’ve been given through Christ Jesus.

So I repent and ask you to search your heart in this matter as well. Have you been expecting God to do His word in your life? Have you been expectantly looking for miraculous answers to your prayers? Or have you given in to the disappointment not realizing that it has cut off your expectations.

Curtis is glowing. I should have expected it. And now I expect to bring you more stories just like his in the coming months and years. Its is what happens when an omnipotent God gets involved in our daily lives and begins winning people to Himself.