A true confession of a, once upon a time, scared street minister…

First things first, I want you to declare this truth over yourself: I am effective, qualified, powerful, equipped, and hand selected by God!!!

Now for a trip down memory lane…

7 years ago I had just returned from an amazing mission trip with the youth of Centerpoint church.  The youth had experienced a revival, including amazing miracles, signs, and wonders!  As we returned from the mission trip, many of the youth wanted to continue to serve, share their faith, and love others; so we decided to take some youth out on street ministry with Nate Bull.

I will admit, going into an inner city area, that I was unfamiliar with, going and doing something where I didn’t know all the details, where I would have little to no control, was scary to me, it was intimidating, and on top of it I felt ridiculous that I felt this way as a leader in the church.

Meanwhile, I was also feeling super excited because after all I had just seen God move in miraculous ways and I too wanted to experience more of that! That night as we went out to share God’s love one water bottle at a time, something amazing happened.  I fell in love with street ministry!  Shortly after this first street ministry adventure, I started going out every week with Nate.

Early on, each time I would be getting ready to go out on street ministry I started to feel anxious, afraid, and defeated.  I began to realize that all of my fears were wrapped up in thinking about who the enemy was saying I wasn’t.  He was saying you are nothing like these people- therefore you aren’t going to be effective.  He said you have nothing to offer these people because you aren’t from the streets, and you aren’t a pastor or a church leader.  He whispered, “look at you, you are pathetic, you don’t have a cool testimony.”

I share all that to tell you this: first, tell the enemy to be quiet and to get behind you if you are feeling any discouragement.  I came to know and war against all of these statements because none of them were true about me, and none of them are true about you.  Second, as you prepare for JLK, go through and begin to declare God’s word over yourself about who you are, so you can defeat the lies of the enemy with scripture.  Third, you are so very powerful and effective and your testimony can change someone’s life for all of ETERNITY, I know mine has!!

I come before you now knowing that I am powerful and effective when I am anywhere sharing God’s love with anyone, no matter what they look like, no matter what I look like, no matter where I am from, no matter where they are from- and the same is true for you.

I finally came to the realization that GOD is the one who is powerful and effective in and through me; after all, God said His Word does not return to Him void so I know if I go out and love someone in the name of Jesus, it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with God, so I know that love will accomplish it’s purpose. 

Your insecurities/fears may look different or the same as mine, but either way, the truth is that you are effective, powerful, effective, equipped and hand selected by God to share His love and good news to those in the greater Kalamazoo region. So I encourage you to go love someone, rebuke all the lies of the enemy, lay any insecurity you are feeling down at the cross and say, “Lord send and use me”, and be prepared to have your life and relationship with Jesus taken on an adventure of EPIC proportions!!

Let Holy Spirit adventures of EPIC proportions begin in Jesus name!

-Kristy Aukeman, Street Ministry Coordinator, Vanguard Church